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A list of project contributors is available on GitHub. The Open Organization project always welcomes new contributors.


Member Organization About Areas of Expertise Joined
Lauri Apple   Lauri Apple is the creator of both the Awesome Leadership and Management List and Feedmereadmes. Open leadership, documentation, building agile teams February 2017
Bryan Behrenshausen GitLab Bryan Behrenshausen is Senior Open Source Program Manager at GitLab, where he manages initatives like GitLab for Open Source and GitLab Open Source Partners. That means he helps open source projects use GitLab to grow, succeed, and thrive. Building community, open governance models, open documentation and knowledge-sharing practices November 2020
Ben Cotton Red Hat Ben Cotton works as the Fedora Program Manager at Red Hat. He co-founded a local open source meetup group, and is a member of the Open Source Initiative and a supporter of Software Freedom Conservancy. Open leadership, communities February 2019
Rebecca Fernandez Red Hat Rebecca Fernandez is a Principal Program Manager at Red Hat, leading projects to help the company scale its open culture. She’s an Open Organization Ambassador, contributed to The Open Organization book, and maintains the Open Decision Framework. She is interested in the intersection of open source principles and practices, and how they can transform organizations for the better. Scaling open principles and practices in the enterprise, making open decisions September 2015
Jos Groen HBRD Jos Groen is a practicing open leader who experienced firsthand what it takes to transform conventional organizations into open ones. He considers himself a practitioner-expert who enjoys sharing his exepriences with others and specializes in helping leaders establish an mindset.   November 2020
Heidi Hess von Ludewig Red Hat Heidi Hess von Ludewig is an Interlock Program manager who researches networked workplace creativity from the systems perspective, which means that she examines the relationships of multiple elements within the workplace that influence how individuals and groups perform innovative and creative work. Interlock, innovation, social systems and culture April 2018
Laura Hilliger We Are Open Co-Op Laura Hilliger is an artist, educator, writer, technologist, multimedia designer, developer, technical liaison, project manager, and Open Web hacktivist who is happiest in collaborative environments. Open and inclusive leadership, building community, open principles in non-profits October 2015
Sam Knuth Red Hat Sam Knuth leads the Customer Content Services team at Red Hat. Making open decisions, open leadership September 2015
Heather Leson International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Heather Leson is the Data Literacy Lead at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies supporting 191 National Societies and 11.6 million volunteers. Open communities, open principles in humanitarian organizations January 2019
Ron McFarland Isuzu Motors (retired) Ron McFarland has been working in Japan for 40 years, and he’s spent more than 30 of them in international sales, sales management training, and expanding sales worldwide. Building trustful teams June 2016
Allison Matlack Red Hat Allison Matlack is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer turned Principal Product Communications Strategist at Red Hat who is known for her enthusiastic speaking style and passion for helping leaders inspire their teams. Open leadership and management, owning your career in an open organization July 2016
Jonas Rosland VMware Jonas Rosland is a community builder, open source advocate, blogger, author, and speaker at many open source focused events. Building community, coordinating dispersed teams January 2018
Jimmy Sjölund Red Hat Jimmy Sjölund is a Principal Agile Practitioner at Red Hat, focusing on organisation transformation and team excellence while exploring agile and lean workflows. He is a visualisation enthusiast and an Open Organization Ambassador. Agile/lean workflows, visualization methodologies, open meetings July 2017
Ben Owens Open Way PBL Ben Owens is a freelance education innovator and strategist with Open Way PBL, LLC and the co-author of Open Up, Education! How Open Way Learning Can Transform Schools. Open education, schools as open organizations December 2018

Ambassadors Emeriti

Jono Bacon
Michael Doyle
Philip Foster
Jen Kelchner
Robin Muilwijk
Angela Robertston
Chad Whitacre
Huiren Woo


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Current maintainer: Jimmy Sjölund

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